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Important: No Need to Include TOCFL in 2013 Taiwan Scholarship Application

Please refer to this link:

Approved Health Check-up for Indonesian Students Going to Taiwan

From now on, students going to Taiwan can have their medical check-up at any hospital or clinic recognized by Indonesian government,  not only clinics or hospital listed by TETO. That list is only mandatory to labor workers,  although students are welcome to to choose their clinic from the list. Please go to for the updated list. Please bear in mind that the acceptable medical check-up form is Type B form only, which you can download it from point 8 of the same link. Contact TEC Indonesia at (031) 2981328 for further info.

Syarat pengajuan visa S-1, S-2, dan S-3

Silahkan download link di bawah ini untuk persyaratan visa studi S-1, S-2, dan S-3. Untuk info lebih lanjut hubungi TEC Indonesia di (031) 5996707

Persyaratan Visa Sekolah S-1 s.d S-3.pdf

Info About Visa

Very Important! Based on information we received from TETO (Taiwan Economics and Trade Office) Jakarta, all visa applications must be done through the online system . After filling the forms correctly, print them out, and put your signature on it. The application forms then can be used to apply for visa at TETO Jakarta. Please also check the requirements for applying visa here.